I am an “ex” anxiety/OCD/Depression sufferer – A physically debilitating form that included “muscle guarding”, which had me unable to walk more than 20 yards at one stage. Unable to get relief from a number of treatments, methods and modalities (and having run out of money trying), I embarked on a journey of study and practice that 3 years later, saw me “cured” and with a number of techniques that can help others in similar situations. I continue to study and research in this field to bring the most effective and simple techniques to others that can hep them turn their lives around in a number of ways. From postural issues and physical pain, from public speaking to improving sleep, from improving eyesight to giving up smoking – these techniques have many applications – Effectively “resetting” the mind/body. this also applies to what are often seen as “mental” challenges/dis-eases that are often cured by applying a “physical” approach.

I have long been fascinated by how the body/mind really works and through experience have discovered how simple it can be. I now know that we are missing a trick when it comes to using physical relaxation to effect massive, positive long term change on the various systems of the mindbody complex. Using body “language” and position to affect chemistry and alter it long term. Releasing tension and trauma using subtle adjustments to our resting positions to allow deep healing to occur – Which in turn causes long term chemical and structural change – literally changing who we are. Back this up with simple, “natural” movement and we can reset our chemistry, posture and energy and set ourselves on the path to constant wellness.

I love to teach others what i have learned so that they can use the techniques themselves to regain wellness in all aspects of life. To become empowered to look after their own health in many ways. I specialise in stress and anxiety related issues but when you look at the connections between many other dis-eases and the effects of “stress”, you will see that there are potentially many more applications. We can learn to manage and then reverse the effects of many illnesses by facilitating the bodies own healing mechanisms – through allowing it to “rest” properly – by being able to attain the state of relaxation necessary for this healing – and attaining it very quickly indeed.

I also dabble in sporting performance and have a number of “hacks” that can assist with performance in a number of areas across a variety of sports. That’s the great thing about these principles – you can apply them to various areas of life and to many different techniques – where the principles are sound, all of the techniques benefit.




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