I am a teacher and student of what many call movement. More accurately, it’s the correct application of our design to heal through truth/love. Having “lost” the ability to move properly through a sequence of events which began with starting to view the world through a more “negative lens” due to what I was reading/learning at that time, I was unable to walk more than 20 yards at one stage and struggled to get up off the floor wihout some effort. Unable to find the answer from a number of treatments, methods and modalities (and having run out of funds trying), I embarked on a journey of “self study” and practice that, through much trial and error, saw me “cured” through being shown (by what i can only refer to as Consciousness/God/The field of information) what movement truly is, the depth of what movement can “do” – What the “physical body”, the truth about how we are designed to move and essentially, how we (human beings) “work”.

I now understand how we reset the frequency/chemistry/energy of the body, what the mind is and what role the body plays. How to restore optimal levels of “tension” (balance) through the system. With simple, “natural” postures and movement, we can reset ourselves in such a way as to have constant wellness and continue onwards and upwards from there.

I love to teach others what i have learned so that they can use the understanding I have been shown to regain wellness in all aspects of life. To become empowered to not only look after their health but go on to achieve whatever it is they wish to.


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