The importance of slow movement.

Cultural Vision: What is the Slow Movement? | Rethinking Prosperity

Awareness is curative. Being in the space we call “the now”, or “being present” is a place of infinite possibilities. When you truly drop into this space, you can see any path is available to you. It is a place of healing. It is a place of transformation.

Where you place your awareness is where you send your energy, your resources. Quite simply, being aware of something gives it “life”.

Awareness is a powerful tool in the healing/transforming process. Whether the transformation happening is seen as “psychological”, “physical”, “emotional”, “structural” or otherwise, being present with it helps the process. What we call the conscious mind directs energy to that which needs upgrading, bringing intelligent resources with it. Intelligent energy that knows exactly what to do.

In a world where your awareness is often being pulled in many directions, slowing down can bring awareness to the “physical” body immediately and powerfully.

You can apply this principle to any movement and feel things you probably won’t have felt before. Even something as simple as moving your ankle in circles will feel very different when you slow it down. You will become more aware of the movement without having to try to become more aware of the movement.

Moving slowly creates more feeling. More awareness.

This removes the need to “try”. This is what we want as trying brings with it more tension, so whenever we can just “do” or “be”, all the better.

If you want to test this, get on all fours and crawl slowly with your knees off the ground. See what you feel. If this is too much to start with, you could walk really slowly barefoot outside and see what you notice about how you move, how you feel.

You could even do something as subtle as moving your hands in circles really slowly, closing your eyes as you do to enhance the sensations. Feel the tingle that starts to flow through them. Or you could be still, close your eyes and bring your awareness to how your hands feel for a few minutes – This also makes for a powerful meditation of sorts.

If you need something more intense, try a really slow lunge or wide squat/horse stance and move slowly down into each position. Feel what happens in the body as you do, be with the sensations and observe. Ask the body to show you what it’s doing.

Slowing down has a powerful effect on how we move, how we feel and how we live. Within every moment of slowing down/stillness are infinite possibilies to “level up”. Move slowly whenever you can and see what happens. You might just enjoy it.

Much love


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