Infinite Possibilities (The importance of slow movement).

Cultural Vision: What is the Slow Movement? | Rethinking Prosperity

Awareness is curative. Being in that space we call “the now”, “being present” – It is a place of infinite possibilities. When you truly drop into this space, you can see that literally any path is available to you. It is a place of healing, a place of transformation. It is a place of awareness. Where you place your awareness is where you place your energy, your resources. Quite simply, being aware of something gives it “life”.

In the realms of healing/wellness/performance (a sliding scale of sorts), this awareness can be a powerful tool and is known to help the healing/improvement process – whether we call it “mental”, “physical”, “emotional”, “structural” or otherwise, simply being present with (aware of) something helps it to recover and/or improve. To ENGAGE with it. Bringing what we call the conscious mind to that which needs upgrading brings resources with it, intelligent resources that know exactly what to do, we just have to be the light showing the way.

So, in a world where being distracted is so easy, how does one bring awareness to something? By simply slowing down, by “being” – It is after all, in the description of what we are, “human be-ings”. And yes, i know it’s easy to say that and not always so easy to do. It can be a challenge, which is why regular practice is such a useful tool to create a “habit” or as i prefer to call it, a movement pattern.

More powerful still is when we become truly present or aware within that practice. Because if we are truly aware within that movement, as mentioned above, we bring intelligent resources to that which requires improvement. And in the realm of movement (which essentially covers everything we “do” but that’s for another day), if you want to become truly aware of what is going on within your movement, all you have to do is slow it down. That may seem obvious, because it is – and that’s the magic right there. Slowing down any movement (particularly when under load of some kind), makes it impossible not to be aware. To feel every little detail. And depending on the movement and/or the load, this can create a lot of feeling – a lot of awareness – Without having to think “i need to be aware of” – You just are. When we feel something, like you (almost) certainly will if, for example, you try crawling slowly, we can’t not pay attention to what’s going on when we feel our hips and shoulders engage. And it’s this awareness that sends those resources; and activates those mechanisms to heal/improve that which might need some attention/optimisation. And if crawling slowly is too much to handle right now, you can start wherever you feel ready to. You could go start with something really subtle and move your hands really slowly while watching them move and feel the tingle that starts to flow through them. Or just sit with your awareness on how your hands feel – even this is amazing. For something more intense, do a really slow lunge or wide stance squat type movement (like the horse stance) and feel what happens, pausing throughout “the movement” until you feel those corrective mechanisms do their thing – Watch them, learn from them. Quite often, mild tremors/shakes will occur and then move or settle as the upgrades begin, unravelling, aligning. strengthening. “You” stay still and yet the body moves – Movement within stillness. It’s a beautiful thing to behold, the body fixing itself in real time, right before your eyes.

And that’s it really – The knock on effects of this are much further reaching but it’s not for me to tell you what that looks like as we are each different in different seasons, it’s for you to experience. But within each of those moments of slowing down/stillness are truly infinite possibilies to “level up”. So, move slowly whenever you can and see what happens.

Much love


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