Eating food.



What else would i be eating i hear you say? – I don’t know, that’s your business and quite frankly, i don’t want to know.

Anyway, on to the “science”.

It has recently been proven that eating food gives you cancer – and hives..and depression..and toothache..and.. well everything.

Maybe we should stop eating all together – become breatharians or whatever people that only eat air are calling themselves now. Oh hang on, oxygen also gives you cancer – damn, thought we had it sussed there.

Oh hang on, there’s a saviour at the door. What?, it has recently been proven that eating food can also cure you of the above listed diseases/conditions – Hooray, we are saved.

This is the state of the “diet” “industry” right now. Well to be more precise, it’s the state of science right now – Pitching for tender, basically trying to keep their jobs – “scientists” are having to come up with headline making claims to keep receiving funding. Often it’s not even the scientist making the claim, the organisation funding the study does so that they get their slice of pie from whoever is funding them – meat industry, wine lobbyists, egg farmers (got you there – they are called chickens and they don’t lobby anyone).

Now i could write a piece that attempted to be all informative but i can’t be bothered and to be quite frank, there is no reliable information out there any more, just hype and nonsense everywhere. so we might as well have some fun with it – cause that is good for us.

In fact, i can’t be arsed to write any more at all, i’m bored of this already. But the moral of the story is this – eat food and have fun – oh and air will kill you eventually.


mr hutch



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