Human – business evolution

Good morning.

This is a tad disjointed but what the hell, i think it’s worth a few minutes, even if you’ve heard it all before – there’s even a new character made of vegetable.

I changed again this morning – No, not my clothes, i’m still a smelly old soap dodger.

With the release of tension in your head and face comes a significant shift in who you are and how you behave. All of those tiny maladjustments being undone, chemistry shifting day after day, minute after minute. The physical changes across your entire body as muscles relax – some that have been tense since childhood – some really “deep”. You can watch the physical “signatures” of your body change – things that you know have been there for 35 years plus (and maybe longer) but just accepted as being part of you. Changes across your entire body as tremors release trauma and tension, returning you to a state of wonder, of childlike openness. Hearing every twitter the birds make, everything becoming still -that stillness that we find with meditation and other forms of “relaxation” – only here to stay. It actually took me a while to bring myself back to a place where i could write this. And i’m still not really “back” – It’s a major shift this time. I felt it as a tremor from my throat went down through my neck to a lump have had for years on my cervical spine. The lump has almost disappeared now, over the past few months having gone from something the size of half a gherkin to what is now maybe a tenth of a grape – now it’s maybe half a pea – keep up, this is advanced fruit and veg mathematics here!

Call it an insight, call it whatever. I call it a release – a release of something that was holding me back in some way. Something stopping that inner child from coming back into my life. All those years of don’t do this, don’t do that, getting the slipper for minor mishaps – nonsense and conditioning by a society that is messed up beyond belief – A society that increasingly needs drugs just to escape every now and again – and yes i am including alcohol – It always thinks it can get away without being called a drug doesn’t it? – “i’m not a drug, i’m just a little drinky-poos” – well alcohol, me and Mr. Carrot (my sons carrot toy, he’s a detective and is friends with Billy the Kid – they are both cowboys – and gymnasts) got your number and we ain’t lettin’ you go (that’s cowboy lingo). I’ve been waiting for my inner child to come back for a while – and i think he’s finally arrived. Well he’s actually crawling through the catflap and he’s got a little stuck – but with a bit of butter we’ll get him through.

And, moving on.

The thing that needed to be “released” – At least it felt like this was the one.

Having been to the dark places, you want others to come back from there. But trying to help becomes a drain – It’s hard work getting most people to pay attention and listen. This is not surprising as we have done too much of this almost every day of our lives and continue to do so day after day. We want a break from it all – hence the rise of meditation – much of which is taking the wrong approach (IMO – but i’m right on this one), taking the intellectual (and controlling) approach to something that is anti-intellectual – “controlling your mind”, “controlling your thoughts” – couldn’t be further from what we really need – which is to properly “switch off”. It’s trying to get people to slow down, to stop – that’s the challenge – it’s seen as a badge of honour to be busy. This is a real shame as it’s in that slowing down, stopping – for reasonably long periods of time – that healing occurs. Mental, physical, it’s all one. And before the running crowd get on to me saying “you can’t just rest your way out of all injuries” – well actually you can – but agreed, you need to keep a certain amount of mobility – that wasn’t my point and you know it 🙂

To be fair, i have met some wonderful people who are very diligent when it comes to this and they all see great results – but they are few and far between. And i’m not judging anyone, it’s no-ones fault as such – our brains are tired and confused from too much going on – all the time. We live in a “world” that is almost perfectly designed to make us sick in one way or another. Too much choice disguised as freedom of choice, too much information pretending to be wisdom. We say “your health is your wealth” but we don’t live that way, we live the absolute opposite. And we allow this because we’ve lost that inner child – He or she won’t stand for this s**t, they see it for the ridiculous state of affairs that it is. They’ve been suppressed, pushed down for to long. It’s time to let them back out of the cage, come on kids! – and you Mr. Carrot!

As for the jobs most of us do, explain your job to a child and see their reaction. I’m actually laughing just thinking about it. Some of you are lucky enough that this would be an enjoyable and fun thing to do, for most others it would be painful as you recite your day, every word bringing back the realisation that what you do could stop tomorrow and the world would actually probably be better off, not worse. Obviously this will depend on your perception, i’m working with the one of a child – and i remember doing this very thing a while back and stopped fairly quickly as the glaze of sadness and disinterest moved across my little boys eyes.

And i know most people think they can’t just change that tomorrow – and you may be right – but you know what you can do – make it more fun each day – bring a bit of play to work tomorrow – This next idea originated with someone who i’ve followed for some time now, the lovely Mr. Charlie Hoehn – Don’t go for a coffee break, take a baseball and glove and throw it around at break time – play catch, play rounders in the car park – In the absence of being able to change the work you do, at least bring some fun, some play back – It’s a big part of what makes us function both as people sand as a society

Time to go – don’t know what the next post will be, probably something about crisps. We’ll see. Until then, a bientot (sorry, no accents).



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