Lie down.

Nice quick one this morning – oo err missus i hear some of you say – now now, it’s Sunday, there will be none of that around here.

Anyway, back to business. next time you are on the computer, watching TV, colouring (yes, grown ups do colouring too – i blame the parents) or reading a book – Lie down while you do. Lie on your front, resting on your forearms. Like this.

calvin and hobbes lying downLying like this will help to undo some of the harm done by sitting in chairs/sofas. If you do it enough, it will improve your posture quite profoundly. I won’t go into the whys and wherefores here but if you really want to know, get in touch.

Don’t overdo it though – if it starts to feel uncomfortable, sit up – stay on the floor for a while if you can though. Kneeling and sitting (cross legged or otherwise) for a while will also be hugely beneficial. And we are talking serious benefits here – this is actually improving the health of your nervous system, gut and circulatory system – and so much more.

That’s it for today – Thanks to Chris Mac for the writing “tips” – I’ve avoided writing about much of this stuff for a long time due to wanting to explain it all in so much more detail and he helped me see the light.






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