Getting results.

If you do the kisssmilebreatherepeat technique consistently, it will yield amazing results. Your posture will improve. Your breathing will improve. Your chemistry – and therefore your mood and behaviour – will change. You will have less inflammation. You will feel less stressed more of the time and eventually (“bad”) stress will seem like a thing of the past. Muscular tension will be relieved. If you have anxiety/OCD or depression it will help to manage and eventually cure your condition. We can eventually “reset” our systems with this. I am confident in this  – certain that given time, all of the above and more can happen. After all, we are influencing the place where life becomes chemistry, becomes energy – And if we are influencing how life “feels”, how we see “life” – then we can change that life – in whatever way we choose.

That’s it – Nothing new, nothing fancy – just a reminder that it’s worth sticking with it – being persistent and consistent at having fun and feeling better. You never know, do it enough and it might just become permanent.




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