Going reptile.

Flow, “flow state”, “going reptile” – Whatever you want to call it, it is that state of consciousness where the front part of brain – the one that does too much “thinking” (the pre-frontal cortex) – de-activates. We enter that optimal state of consciousness where everything is effortless. Time slows down. A sports person performs some incredible feat, someone has an incredible insight that helps with a scientific breakthrough – An artist creates a masterpiece. We think of this state as the “brain firing on all cylinders” when the opposite is actually true. In a cocktail of neuro-chemistry and neuro-electricity, that which is detrimental to outright performance goes in “sleep mode”, leaving the reptile brain in charge. We are conscious, we are doing – but that is all – we do not need to “think” as there is a higher power in charge – our inner reptile has taken the wheel – And he/she has been around for a long time and is a very good driver indeed.

Ever driven home and only remember a few minutes of a 30-40 minute drive. You wonder how you just did that. That’s when the front of the brain, the “analytical part” switches off – and yet you still manage to drive a car perfectly. This is temporary/transient hypo-frontality and is described as being “an almost automatic, effortless, yet highly focused state of consciousness where the task is performed to the best of the persons ability” and that there is also “no sense of time or worry of failure” (Csikszentmihalyi and Csikszentmihalyi, 1988).

“A necessary prerequisite to the experience of flow is a state of transient hypo-frontality that enables the temporary suppression of the analytical and meta conscious capacities of the explicit system” (Dietrich 2004).

This state is attainable through “meditation” and, i believe from what i’ve read, certain states induced by certain drugs. But what if we had an immediate “doorway”, something we could do simply that would take us into this state on demand, within a few seconds? From a sporting performance aspect this is interesting to say the least. The energy conservation of not having to power that pre frontal cortex – “nervous energy” going into powering the muscles instead of all the over analysis that comes with an active “front brain”. The increase in performance that comes from not thinking, just doing – all micro adjustments being made by the reptile, he/she that helps us perform at our effortless best. If we could access this place at will, with ease – be “in flow” more of the time, maybe even most of the time, the possibilities are very interesting indeed. Not to mention the application for meditation – achieving that deep state of rest that allows the processing of emotional trauma (and deep healing) in an instant.

This is possible. I have experienced it – and seen in others the increase in performance by opening the doorway to this power. And it’s really simple. The more you practice, the better you will become – but you can benefit from this right away.

The place we need to become aware of is the place where the tip of tongue should sit most of the time to “complete”/”earth” our main energy circuit – It is believed to be the meeting place of yin and yang within us, “Man’s middle”. In acupuncture, there are two points known as GV26 and GV27 – they sit very closely together in this area – One (GV26) stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and the other (GV27) the parasympathetic.

Gv 25 - 28

It is an area that has a massive influence on our chemistry and “energy circuits”, second after second, breath after breath. When you breath in, if you pay close attention, you can feel where GV26 is – it gets stimulated by the (often minute) movements of your face/mouth/eyes (It’s just below the base of your nose if that helps). When you breath out (keep your mouth closed) you can feel GV27 – a little lower, closer to the gum line. If this area is “balanced and relaxed” – then your diaphragm is “balanced and relaxed” – And if your diaphragm is balanced and relaxed, your breathing is balanced and relaxed – you are balanced and relaxed.

I can help you work with this area to achieve significant improvements in many aspects of your life. Anxiety/OCD, overall health, meditation and sporting performance to name a few. Face to face communication is what i have found to be most effective and for this reason i am only working this way now as i want you to get the most out of these methods. Feel free to contact me anytime to arrange a free 30 minute chat.



2 thoughts on “Going reptile.

  1. Kudos for writing this. Thank you for making it fun making it simple & never underestimate these skills.

    be proud & lets do it !.


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